Ogdensburg police say no charges to be filed in recent psych center death


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OGDENSBURG — There will be no criminal charges filed as the result of a Dec. 30 struggle between two patients at the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center that left one man dead because the victim acted in self-defense, according to Ogdensburg City Police.

Patrick T. Moore, 78, a patient at the facility, was pronounced dead at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center the next day. Ogdensburg police became involved in the investigation of his death at 3 a.m. on Dec. 31.

Following the incident, police said they were investigating what was reported as an altercation between two patients. Mr. Moore suffered injuries during the scuffle and died hours later.

In a press statement Friday, Ogdensburg Police Lt. Daniel Mousaw said an investigation that included the St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office has determined that no charges are warranted. He said Mr. Moore was the instigator of the attack and the victim was only trying to defend himself and did not intend to harm Mr. Moore.

“The investigation revealed that the deceased, Moore, sought out and located another patient within the facility,” Mr. Mousaw said in a statement. “Moore then physically attacked the other patient with a cane. The victim of the attack attempted to defend himself, grabbing the cane during the attack, during which both subjects stumbled and fell to the floor.”

During the struggle the victim landed on top of Mr. Moore, according to police.

“As a result of the fall, and the victim of the attack landing on top of Moore, Moore sustained a broken pelvis,” Mr. Mousaw said. “It has been determined that Moore’s passing was a result of complications resulting from the broken pelvis.”

Mr. Mousaw said the completed investigation was turned over to the district attorney and that it has been determined that no criminal charges are warranted.

“It has been determined that the victim of the attack, perpetrated by Moore, was merely acting in self-defense when the injury to Moore occurred and there was no criminal intent to cause such injury,” Mr. Mousaw said. “Therefore there will be no charges filed and the case has been closed.”

Further inquiries should be directed to the St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office, according to Mr. Mousaw.


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